OpenID Connect (OIDC ) is an extension of the OAuth2.0 protocol. It consists of the 4 possible flows, listed below:

Implicit Flow

    participant 🧑‍🦲 User
    participant 🛂 OpenID Provider
    participant 💻 Client
    💻 Client->>🛂 OpenID Provider: Send `client_id`
    🛂 OpenID Provider->>🧑‍🦲 User: Authenticate End-User
    🛂 OpenID Provider->>🛂 OpenID Provider: Generate signed `id_token`
    🛂 OpenID Provider->>💻 Client: Send `id_token`
    💻 Client ->> 💻 Client: Verify signature

Authentication Flow

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Resource Owner Password Grant

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Client Credentials Grant

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