Lecture 1: Reduced system, Density Operator, Liouville–von Neumann equation Coherence, Partial Trace, Kraus decomposition, Reduced Statistical Operator, Reduced trace, Bloch Sphere, Dynamical Map, Completely Positive, Quantum Channel, Bit flip code, Depolarisation Channel, Phase Flip.

Lecture 2: Quantum Dynamical Semigroup, Quantum Dynamical Semigroup generator, Markovian Dynamics, Master equation, Lindbladian, Lindblad Operator, Decoherence Time, Born Markov Master Equation, Reduced Dynamics, Interaction Picture, Born Approximation, 2-time correlation function, Markov Approximation, Correlation time, Redfield Equation, Kossohowski Matrix

Lecture 3: Unravelling, Wiener Process, Lindbladian, Quantum Brownian Motion, Thermal bath, Thermodynamic Limit, Thermal Equilibrium, Noise Kernel, Dissipation Kernel, Spectral Density, Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem, KMS Conditions, Caldeira Legget Master Equation, Time Ordering Operator, Normal Mode System

Lecture 4: Quantum Brownian Motion, Effective Hamiltonian, Wigner function, Quantum Langevin equation, Hu-Paz-Zhang Equation, Ford O’Connel Equation, Weyl Algebra, Weyl Algebra generator, Linear Super Operator, Markovian Master Equation

Lecture 5: Collisional Decoherence, Scattering Theory, Elastic Scattering, Out-going differential cross-section, Gallis-Flemming Master Equation, Short Distance Limit, Long Distance Limit, Decoherence Rate, Ghirardi–Rimini–Weber Model

Lecture 6: Optomechanics, Fabry-Perot cavity, Optomechanical coupling, Kerr amplification, Thermal Bosonic Occupation Number, Cooling Process, Heating Process, Ground state, Rotating wave transformation, Detuning, Red Dynamics, Blue Dynamics, Red detuned, Blue detuned, Ground state sideban cooling

Lecture 7: Quantum Langevin equations for optomechanics, Reconstructing the dynamics of a movable mirror in a detuned optical cavity

Lecture 8: Continuous Measurement, Ricatti Equation, Conditional State.