Hey πŸ‘‹ Collapsed Wave is a glossary of notes around Machine Learning and Quantum Theory. Finding notes is easy using the Search Bar. If this is your first time, the postulates of quantum are a good starting point: πŸ“• Postulate 1, πŸ“• Postulate 2, πŸ“• Postulate 3, πŸ“• Postulate 4 - Schrodinger Equation.

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πŸ—οΈ Keywords

As I study through the topic, the following keywords became relevant. To understand a keyword we wouldn’t need any of the keywords after it, but we’ll likely need a few of the keywords listed before. This β€œrule” might be broken on occasion.

I’m familiar with…

πŸ“˜ Trajectory, Hooke’s law, πŸ“˜ Harmonic Oscillator, Frequency of Oscillation, πŸ“˜ Kinetic energy, πŸ“˜ Potential energy, πŸ“˜ Constant of Motion aka Conserved Quantity, Implicit Function Theorem, Integral of Motion, Damped Harmonic Oscillator, πŸ“˜ Conservative force, πŸ“˜ Gradient, πŸ“˜ Curl, πŸ“— Stokes theorem, center of mass, angular momentum, Kepler’s 2nd Law, πŸ“˜ Poisson bracket, Diffeomorphism, πŸ“˜ Flow, Complete Flow, Sympletic Form, Symplectomorphism, Canonical Transformation, Hamiltonian flow, Hamiltonian generator, Hamiltonian generator of rotations, joint level, Riesz Representation Theorem, πŸ“˜ Symmetric Operator, πŸ“˜ Self-Adjoint Operator, Unbounded Operator, Bounded Linear Transformation Theorem, πŸ“˜ Position Operator, πŸ“˜ Momentum Operator, De Broglie Hypothesis, Superposition, πŸ“˜ Commutator, Canonical Commutation Relation.

I want to learn…

I need to review the concepts below.

Heisenberg picture, Schrodinger picture, Fermi Golden Rule, Dense coding, Angular Momentum, Spin, Stern-Gerlach Experiment, gamma matrix, Lie Algebra, Lie Group, Fock space, Moyal bracket, Weyl Quantization

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